Want Your Sheepskin Rug Customised? Try Our New Bespoke Rug Service

Want Your Sheepskin Rug Customised? Try Our New Bespoke Rug Service

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What is decorating if not the ability to create a home that’s just how you like it? Sometimes an out-of-the-showroom furnishing is exactly what your heart desires, and at other times, only a bespoke accent will suffice. To that end, we’re excited to unveil a new bespoke custom service for area rugs - just for you.

To make certain your new custom piece is yours and yours alone, every bespoke piece is entirely one-of-a-kind. Our range of genuine animal hides we can offer this service includes Icelandic sheepskin, Merino sheepskin, and Mongolian sheepskin.

True to our brand ethos, each bespoke item, like all of our decor products, is made from a genuine hide that is ethically and sustainably sourced. We pride ourselves on these values, together with our protection of the environment, ensuring all hides are strictly tanned, processed and if colour dyed follow strict environmentally friendly guidelines. You can rest assure that our products are perfectly safe for your family, pets, and the environment. We take seriously the values that we turn a discarded byproduct into something that is beautiful, affordable and sustainable that if cared for will bring you many years of pleasure in your home.

The Texture

Of utmost quality, our genuine sheepskin rugs are soft and warm underfoot and to the hand. They are without doubt a cosy addition to your home whether draped over furniture or laid across your floors in a myriad of decor styles. That said, each sheepskin is unique in its appearance, so it’s important to understand the distinctions between each fleece type - texture, tone, shape, cost - before having your bespoke rug made.

Merino sheepskin has a dense plush wool pile for versatile, cosy appeal. It is the more traditional fleece here in Australia. It is what many of us think of when we think of sheepskin.

granite-merino-sheepskin-fleeceMerino Sheepskin - Granite

The Mongolian sheepskin fleece has a natural long crimp-like curl (up to 15 cm in length). This translates into an appearance that is both modern and feminine.

light-grey-mongolian-sheepskin-fleeceMongolian Sheepskin Fleece - Light Grey

Meanwhile, the texture and varied length of Icelandic sheepskin fleece ensures this hide is the perfect finish to add drama, wamth and softness to any room. Icelandic sheepskin is available in either its natural long fleece length that measures up to 20cm long, or we offer these beautiful sheepskins in a shorter shorn length fleece which measures up to 5cm. The long hair fleece is soft and fluffy with a chic glamorous appearance, whereas the shorn fleece is luxurious and cosy, promoting a more sophisticated look. Both are incredibly soft.

Natural Grey Icelandic Sheepskin - Long Hair

Natural Grey Icelandic Sheepskin - Long Hair


Natural Grey Icelandic Sheepskin - Shorn Hair

The Colours

Colour selection is perhaps the most exciting part of our bespoke hide rug service. In essence, if you dream it, we can make it. All of the colours of our single hide sheepskin rugs that you see in our Merino, Icelandic and Mongolian collections can be custom made, with the exception of the natural grey. And if you don't see a colour you are after on our site we will do our best to source what you have in mind. Dusty pink, sky blue, or deep noir? What colour will be yours?

baby-pink-swedish-sheepskin-area-rug Baby Pink Swedish Sheepskin Area Rug

fawn-icelandic-sheepskin-area-floor-rugFawn Icelandic Sheepskin Area Rug - Long Hair

The Shape

Designed and created in Australia to Hides of Excellence’s exacting standards, each area rug can be made in several silhouettes, depending on which material you choose. The Icelandic sheepskin and the Mongolian sheepskin can both be produced with an organic shape or with straight sides, while the Merino sheepskin will be made with a natural edge. The shape of the rug is important to set the style for the room. Straight edges definitely give a more formal structured appearance, whereas the organic shape creates a more relaxed feel. 


Triple Hide Icelandic Sheepskin Area Rug: Image via @oh.eight.oh.nine

The Size

The size of your sheepskin rug can also be specified. We've made huge 4m x 4m Icelandic sheepskin area rugs for complete wall to wall floor coverings to runners down the side of a bed. If you’re unsure of what size you’d like, our team can offer recommendations for your space.

copper-shorn-icelandic-sheepskin-area-rugShorn Icelandic Sheepskin Area Rug - Copper

The Turn-Around

If you’re in a crunch to have your sheepskin made (perhaps as a gift or for a client project), our Icelandic sheepskin or Merino sheepskin are your best bets: These can be custom made in just two to three weeks. Meanwhile, please allow six to eight weeks to have your Mongolian sheepskin area rug delivered.

The Cost

As with all custom projects, the cost of your bespoke sheepskin area rug will vary depending upon your specifications. If you’re interested in having a sheepskin custom made for your home or have a client project you'd like to discuss, reach out to us for an obligation-free quote. 

Whether you have specific ideas about what you’re looking for or you’d like some inspiration in conceptualising your design, our team of experts are here to help you create a true one-of-a-kind rug that will fit perfectly in your home.