Product Care

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Our considered collection of one-of-a-kind sustainable décor accents have been thoughtfully crafted from the finest quality ethically sourced discarded animal hides. By creating these unique home decorations, we pay a pivotal role in reducing potential landfill from the farming and meat industry.

The hides are individually processed following stringent procedures and Government regulations that are free from harmful chemicals and dyes. This is to ensure they are perfectly safe for people and pets alike, and thoughtful on our environment

To prolong your enjoyment of our products we recommend the following care for preservation:

  • Attend to any soiling as soon as possible by spot cleaning with a fresh soft damp wet water cloth. Scrape off any soiling with the back of a knife. Avoid excessive rubbing.
  • Where possible, simply shake away any dirt or debris, or if necessary, use a vacuum on a gentle setting and avoid using a rotating head that may tangle the hair.
  • Always line dry in the shade.
  • Colour dyes on natural fibres are not 100% colour fast. Hence, we recommend keeping our dyed products out of any direct sunlight as the UV rays may cause discolouration over time. Note also colour transfer may occur on light fabrics.
  • Do not place our products on direct heat sources such as heated floors. The heat will dry the natural leather hide backing which can cause it to crack and snap away the hair.

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