5 Ways To Nail The Scandi Look At Home

5 Ways To Nail The Scandi Look At Home

There’s no denying that the Scandi look is very popular. Those stylish Northern Europeans know how to make both themselves and their homes look immaculate. You don’t need to live in Copenhagen to translate their distinctive look to your own home, simply follow these key steps to give your decor a Scandi-edge.

1. Go Minimalist

Scandi style is very understated. Forget piling the furniture into the room and instead pare it back at bit. Quality can be found in the foundations of a room – you’ll start to notice just how beautiful the walls are, or the way the light flows into your space when it’s decorated minimally. Draped over the bench in this image above is the prized Gotland sheepskin rug, in beautiful tones ranging from silver grey to deep dark charcoal. 



2. Use Timber 

You can’t really talk about Scandi style without mentioning timber. The Scandinavians love this material and its authenticity. A timber wall isn’t just a wall, but a feature of the room as you can see in this room by Mr. Frag.



3. Don’t Shy Away From the Light

While it may be dark for a large portion of the year, Scandinavians always make the most of the light they get. Floor-to-ceiling windows often feature in homes and if curtains are used, they are sheer.



4. Choose a Neutral Colour Palette

Scandi style is all about using neutral tones to let the raw materials in the room shine. The eye can pick up smaller details when the backdrop is white, light grey or pastel. This works particularly well in the bedroom, where bright and strong colours can give you a headache. Instead, simple, muted tones will have you drifting off to sleep.



5. Add a Hide

Of course, a Scandi-style room isn’t complete without hide! Perhaps because of their cold weather conditions, or perhaps it’s just because a hide just looks so beautiful, but Scandinavians have been using fur in their décor for years before anyone else. With such minimalist and neutrally coloured rooms, the fur adds another layer of texture and interest to the space. Get the look of this room in the image below with a natural brown and auburn tip Icelandic Sheepskin Rug.