Guide To Finding Mum The Perfect Sheepskin Gift For Mother's Day

Guide To Finding Mum The Perfect Sheepskin Gift For Mother's Day

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Hides of Excellence has you covered. This year, replace the usual gift of a new pair of fluffy slippers or a cookbook with one of our warm and cosy luxurious sheepskin rugs or cushions. Being 100% genuine natural products, our quality hide home decor accessories will brighten her day and her home for many years to come. From Sporty Mum to Sophisticated Mum, here's a quick guide to help you choose the perfect sheepskin for your Mum.

The Sophisticated Mum

Does your mum always seem to be completely put together? Hair is coiffed, makeup immaculate, pearls or diamonds adorn her neck, and her clothes always impeccably tailored to perfection. Then our Hides of Excellence traditional Merino sheepskin rugs and cushions will suit her style. Her very own sheepskin in her favourite colour to drape over her office chair or place on the floor as she steps out of bed will bring a smile to her face as she gets everyday enjoyment from such a quality gift. 



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The Creative Mum

She's bold with colour, pushes boundaries with her fashion and confident in her choices without having to conform to the trends. She constantly looking for the next eye-catching accessory to add to her collection. For the creative, artistic Mum, we have the Icelandic sheepskins. She will love the cosiness and softness of either our new bean bags, decorative throws, floor coverings or cushions . The long hair fleece of the natural Icelandics is free-flowing and unique, with no two ever exactly the same in shape and appearance. The unique markings of the natural sheepskins makes each piece a true one of a kind, and the dyed fleece variety are individual in shape and how the hair falls.


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The Modern Mum 

Is your Mum someone you share clothes with, hang out at the gym or love to go shopping together? Do you bond over a glass of wine while watching Sex and the City? Your Mum is you go-to for style tips and helps solve your problems. Then this Mother's Day give her something you too will love. Our Hides of Excellence Mongolian sheepskin home decor accessories will tick all the boxes. They are modern, chic and the 'must-have' current home interior accessory right now! The throws and cushions look gorgeous across the bed or sofa. With many different colours to choose from you're sure to find the perfect gift you'll both love!