Cowhide Rug - Dark Exotic (Regular)

Cowhide Rug - Dark Exotic (Regular)

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Hides of Excellence collection of genuine dark exotic Brazilian cowhide rugs will create impact and a layer of versatile function to any decor.

Size of this collection range from 3sqm to 4sqm.

Each hide is truly one-of-a-kind, with soft and silky texture, unique form and show stopping character.

Like all our hides, these exquisite cow hide rugs are an ethically sourced by-product with hypoallergenic qualities that make it suitable for home interior styling


Scroll through the smaller images above so that you can select the exact hide you would like to receive upon placing your order. Simply indicate by marking the check box above the corresponding number you see that appears in the top left corner of the image of the hide you would like.

These hides are available for fast immediate delivery.

Please note that being a 100% genuine product, the markings and stitches on the hide are consistent with natural hides and a hallmark of its rare beauty.

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