Sheepskin Rug Merino - Charcoal
Sheepskin Rug Merino - Charcoal
Sheepskin Rug Merino - Charcoal

Sheepskin Rug Merino - Charcoal

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Hides of Excellence genuine Merino sheepskin rug in charcoal, nearly black, has a dense plush wool fleece that translates into the most desirable home decor accent for adding a layer of texture and natural beauty to any space. 

Merino wool has many wonderful characteristics that adds to its universal appeal. It is hypoallergenic, fabulous at repelling the dirt, silky soft to touch and of course will keep you cosy warm in winter, yet cool in summer.

As a home furnishing, the merino sheepskin rug is extremely versatile. It can be styled around the home as either a small floor rug or can be effortlessly draped over a chair or bed for an extra layer of comfort.

We carefully select and ethically source only the finest Merino sheepskins to create our decor accents. They are tanned and processed under strict environmentally friendly guidelines that ensures they are safe for people, pets and gentle on the environment.

Approximate size 108cm x 80cm.

Please note that being a natural product, slight size variations does occur. Avoid placing the hide in direct sunlight as Uv rays mage discolour the dyed fleece over time. 

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