Care Instructions for Skeepskin Rugs & Cushions

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  • Natural and dyed sheepskin rugs are very easy to care for and when washed they can look like new again.
  • Place sheep rug in bath using lukewarm water and using a small amount of non-alkaline mild liquid detergent wool wash. Do not use anything with enzymes or fabric softener.
  • Don’t agitate the sheepskin too much while washing; you just want a gentle action of water moving through the wool to dislodge dirt particles.
  • Do not move the hide so much so the wool mattes up like felt and simply swish the sheepskin around gently in the water for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Release the dirty water and refill the bath with fresh warm water to rinse the last soap and dirt away, you might need to do this a few times.
  • Roll the sheepskin rug up and squeeze out as much water as you can, let it drain and then transfer to a washing machine to spin out most of the excess water.
  • Rinse, drain and spin the sheepskin rug.
  • To dry the sheepskin rug I used a clean towel to lay it on, and pulled the leather into shape making sure it is flat. It is important that is dries slowly away from direct heat like direct sunlight and artificial heat or the leather could shrink or harden.
  • Do not tumble dry your sheepskin.
  • Don’t be tempted to speed up the drying process. Natural air flow can help the drying process.