Gotland Sheepskin Beauties

Gotland Sheepskin Beauties

Hides of Excellence is thrilled to offer rare access to Gotland sheepskin rugs in light to dark tones. Known around the world as the most coveted sheepskin, they are also the most robust, never losing their silken texture or appealing colours over decades of use. With a double layer of dense and soft undercoat, and a long and silken cover fur, their natural and rich hues make them a true rarity.


This beautiful natural rug is the ultimate in luxury floor coverings. Not only is it an exquisitely soft texture, its classic look is today quite contemporary with the resurgence in popularity of the 'Scandi' chic inspired style in interior design. Described as a low traffic rug, as you can see from our styling of the Gotland sheepskin, it also works well draped over furniture as a premium throw, or even in the car for the ultimate in comfort.



With more than 60 years in the Australian leather and hide industry Hides of Excellence is noted for using only the most natural, and ethically sourced hides and processes. Attentively crafted according to the most scrupulous standards, these Gotland sheepskin rugs are safe for people and pets of all ages. Any treatment in its tanning is environmentally approved by the European Union so you can permit an infant or beloved family pet to enjoy hours on these luxury rugs. Distinct markings and imperfections on the hides are natural, indicating the uniqueness and rarity of your purchase - and their minimal processing.

Our Gotland sheepskin rugs are available in light to dark tones ranging from pale silver to a much darker grey. You can be assured that each piece is guaranteed to be a true one of a kind item that will retain its lovely natural colouring and provide you with a premium beauty in the home for many years to come.