Get The Look: Three Decorating Ideas For Summer

Get The Look: Three Decorating Ideas For Summer

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Summer interiors should be bright, light and breezy – but that doesn’t necessarily mean skimping on texture. Woolly hides are typically associated with cooler weather, and for good reason. But these natural fibres, such as the Mongolian sheepskins, can equally play a part when when it comes to summer styling with their light and fluffy curls. Whether you are undertaking a KonMari style clean-out this January or simply craving a fresh perspective, let our summer interior styling tips kick-start your seasonal makeover.

  1. Colour between the lines Applying colour is the easiest way to enliven and enrich each room. Repainting is costly and more challenging when it comes to experiment with new shades. Instead, keep your walls neutral and use accessories to try out a new colour palette. While we are loving Pantone’s Colour of the Year, pops of plum, purple or red make a bold statement.  Tip: When incorporating new colours, follow the rule of three. Apply an accent colour to 10% of the room, allow 30% for the secondary colour and 60% for the main colour. This keeps the space harmonious while avoiding any unnecessary clashes. 

  2. Be an outsider Rattan and wicker are often used in outdoor table settings, but these fibres can lack comfort. Give your outdoor setting some love by mixing and matching cowhide  cushions : black and white designs are easily incorporated and add an instant touch of chic. To make your guests extra feel cosy, drape a shorn sheepskin over the back of the chair. A triple hide is ideal for the sofa, but a solo hide will do the job beautifully on a single armchair.    Tip: Scour flea markets for a waterproof trunk you can incorporate into your outdoor living area. This can be used as a storage space for any throws or cushions when not in use, and double as an additional side table when you’re entertaining. 

  3. Engage your senses Decorating isn’t only about how a room looks, but more importantly, how it feels. If you are struggling to rethink your space, come at with from a tactile perspective. Consider what textures you enjoy the most. Long or short fibres? Woven or knitted? Smooth or rugged? Defining your personal preferences will help you to invest in pieces that last long after the sun sets this summer.
    Tip: Experiment with different ways of showing texture. If a throw doesn’t work with the carpet you’re stuck with, use it as a wall hanging instead. Or see how a throw typically used on the sofa looks draped over a stool or pouffe. Reinterpreting an objects give it longevity and allows you to restyle your home according to the season while still using key pieces.