How To Make Your Home Holiday Ready

How To Make Your Home Holiday Ready

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With just a few days left until Christmas, getting the home ready for guests might be the last thing you feel like doing. But don’t let the silly season get the better of you now. It’s possible to show off your home’s best side with just a few small tweaks. Follow these simple tips for an instant style lift.


Décor efforts are more likely to be noticed where family or friends rest their head. Which why the little details count most in the guestroom. Cover the basics by making the bed in advance, and place fresh towels, a small vase of flowers, a water carafe, glasses and your WiFi password on the bedside table. Although it is summer, don’t leave your guest out in the cold. Drape a cosy throw on the end of the bed, and leave some visible shelf space or a chair where they can drape any unneeded covers.


Whether your dining chairs are made of Lucite, wood or metal, a little extra texture goes a long way. Dress up your dining area by placing a fluffy sheepskin throw over the seat of each chair. White works beautifully for a snowy Christmas look, but should be cautioned against using if your guest list includes littlies prone to spillage. Save this sophisticated touch for adult dining.


The best Christmas get-togethers last long into the night. In Australia, this often means moving the party outside. But settled guests will rarely want to move. Make a smooth transition by taking your next round of drinks outside to an area with ready-lit candles, insect repellant and comfortable lounges. Have a stash of blankets and throws on hand – either already on each chair, or in a weatherproof chest – ready when when the night cools down. The shift in scenery will allow you to clear the dining table and load the dishwasher without disrupting the festive mood. Joyeux Noël!